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IP Address


What is Speed Test?

Speed test gives your the estimate of your current Internet Speed. Internet speed generally measures how fast you can get content (Download) from different service providers like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It also measures how fast you can transfer content from your computer to remote server, for example when you upload photos or videos to websites like Facebook or Youtube. Higher the Download/Upload speed better the internet experience is.

How is my internet speed calculated?

To calculate your current internet speed (both download and upload), we download and upload series of files to our server. Based on how fast these operations are performed we calculate the result.

What is Ping and Jitter?

Ping measures how fast you get response when a request is sent from your computer. Lower the ping time, better the internet connection is. Higher ping is generally associated with congusted network. You might have heard gamers saying your ping is too high. That means there is a lag when playing games.
Jitter measures the variation between response times. Lower the jitter is, better the connection is.

Does this work from everywhere?

This speed test should work on most of the modern devices. It uses HTML5, so most of the modern browser should support this. It should work from your phone, computer, tablets and smart TV with modern browser.

What is IP Address?

IP Address also known as Internet Protocol Address is a number assigned to each computer connect to a network. Your IP address uniquely identifies your computer in the network so that services like Facebook, Youtube, etc can send data that you have requested directly to you. In layman's term, it's like home address for all computers connected to the network.